KaHuna bodywork massage provides a holistic approach to rejuvenation and healing by balancing the body and mind, in its physical, emotional and spiritual aspects.

Benefits of KaHuna Massage

  • Deep relaxation and instills a calming sense of peace
  • Releases deep-seated neuromuscular tension and allows energy to flow more freely
  • Improves health and fitness by treating the lymphatic, immune, circulatory and respiratory systems
  • Improves flexibility
  • Helps release fear, anger, grief and guilt as well as negative beliefs, self-criticism and traumatic memories
  • Brings happiness and balance in your life
Rates and Pricing
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KaHuna (or Lomi Lomi) Bodywork Massage

Whether you are feeling lack luster, out of kilter or in pain, Ka-Huna Massage offers excellent treatment. People suffering stress, depression, exhaustion, physical discomfort or even confusion, grief or loss may benefit from KaHuna bodywork.

KaHuna Massage bodywork Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba, Maroochydore and Buderim, QldKa Huna bodywork is unique in a number of respects. The practitioner uses their hands, forearms and elbows and moves around the table (using flowing Hula and Tai Chi style movements). They work with energy to apply soft and deep tissue massage.

Ka Huna bodywork massage is a powerful form of healing that affects people differently. Every time you have a Ka Huna massage you will experience something different. Sometimes it’s physical healing and relaxation. Sometimes you unlock repressed emotions and experience crying, laughing and smiling. There is no need to worry. Simply observe your emotions without getting caught up in them and let them flow. The healing effects and rebalancing of the body can also be felt for weeks after the treatment.
Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage in Maroochydore and Buderim, Sunshine Coast Qld

Is KaHuna Massage appropriate for you?

Yes!  Everybody, regardless of body shape, age or state of health can safely receive KaHuna massage!

Your KaHuna experience

Your massage therapist will consult with you about the current state of your physical, mental and emotional health. This assists both client and therapist in deciding on the treatment focus for the session.

During the massage, it helps to focus attention on your breathing. Each inhalation draws fresh energy and inspiration into your body and mind. Each exhalation dissolves your tension, to let go of anything that limits you and to deepen your experience of relaxation.

KaHuna Massage full body movementsShould you experience any discomfort or would like to express a particular need, feel free to communicate with your therapist at any stage during the massage.

After your massage it is important to drink plenty of water as this assists in the detoxifying process.

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