Your answers will assist us in gaining information about your current state of health and general wellbeing.

Select the answer which best describes your current habits and/or health. There are no right or wrong answers. Don’t think too much about your response – your first answer is the best one.

The questionnaire links provided below will redirect you to the Metagenics website. Metagenics is a professional, health practitioner organisation which supports our Naturopaths with the latest research findings and top grade laboratory testing facilities.

Your Health and Wellbeing Questionnaires

You will need to complete both of the following questionnaires. To ensure you get your results securely, please enter our practitioner number 74789 when asked.

After you complete your first questionnaire, please close the Metagenics window/tab to return to this page. Both questionnaires will need to be completed and submitted at least 24 hours prior to your initial consultation.

Common Questions…

How long will this take?

The questionnaires are both multi-choice and take approximately 15-30 minutes each to complete.

I have previously completed the Healthy Ageing Questionnaire.

If you have completed the Healthy Ageing Questionnaire within the last two months, we will already have your results and you may skip this questionnaire. However if it has been longer, it is best to complete this questionnaire again as recent issues or conditions may vary your results and treatment options.

Will my online results be secure?

Yes. Metagenics provides a safe and secure means of collecting your information using a 256 Bit SSL Encryption. The information you provide is securely stored and only available to our Naturopathic Practitioner.