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Natural Beauty, with the skin health professionals

As part of our commitment to encouraging others to live a chemical free lifestyle we use skin care beauty products with 100% naturally derived ingredients and medicinal levels of certified organic plant extracts.
Experience treatments the way nature truly intended!

Organic Food Chain, Australian Organic Certified Processor, Vegan, Against Animal Testing and Australian Made

We recommend and use OrganicSpa, a luxurious skincare range containing no SLS, propylene glycol, mineral oils, artificial colours, preservatives or chemically derived ingredients.

Pampering Facial Treatment for younger looking skin

Pampering Facials

Drift away to another reality with a therapeutic pampering facial using professional Spa Organics for natural younger looking skin.

Customised treatment facials with proven skin health results

Treatment Facials

Experience tailor made skin therapy exactly matched to you for more high performance results.

Professional nails, polish and shellac manicures and pedicure treatments

Manicures and Pedicures

Treat yourself to a professional manicure and/or pedicure that leaves your skin and nails smooth, healthy and well groomed!

Pampering Facials

All you need to do is relax and let these pampering facial treatments leave your skin looking smooth, clear and rejuvenated.

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This effective mini facial treatment will leave your skin looking smooth, clear and rejuvenated.

organicspa mini facial

(30 minutes)

This is a basic facial designed to give your complexion a quick boost in between visits or to simply to freshen your complexion.

Your facial starts with a double cleanse, gentle exfoliation and nourishing mask. The facial is then completed with the application of tailored serums, eye care and moisture defence.

only $65

Beauty Pamper Packages

Treat yourself to a full makeover treatment!

Professional Facials and Manicures that leave your face, hands and nails smooth, healthy and fabulous. Performed by our fully qualified Beauty Therapists.

See the link below for our Pamper Package options.

Pamper Packages

A simple skin treatment to help minimise the signs of ageing. Fine lines will appear reduced and your skin tone and texture will improve.

organicspa deluxe facial

(45 minutes)

A lavish treatment to refresh, hydrate and pamper your skin. Our Pampering Facial begins with a double cleanse, exfoliation, face massage and facial steam.

Next we apply a facial mask and eye mask. Enjoy a scalp massage while you relax and allow time for your mask to develop.

This facial is completed with the application of tailored serums, eye care and finishing creams.

Your skin will look and feel refreshed and plumped.

only $89

Pure Radiance Facial treatment, customised to target and treat your skin concerns giving you real results for your skin like never before.

pure radiance facial

(60 minutes)

An effective treatment facial utilising the powerful effects of AHA (Alpha Hydroxy Acid) to promote the release of dead skin cells that cause poor surface texture and a dull complexion. Ideal for complexions in need of hydration, decongesting and renewal.

Service inclusions:

  • Comprehensive Skin Consultation
  • Double Cleanse and Steam Therapy
  • MicroDerm Vitamin C Exfoliation Scrub
  • AHA Clinical Peel; and
  • Extractions if necessary
  • Face, Neck and Décolletage Massage; and
  • Nourishing Treatment Mask

While you relax to allow time for your mask to work we indulge you with a scalp or hand and arm massage to complete the experience. Finished with:

  • Tailored Serums
  • Eye Care
  • SPF Sun Protection and Moisture Defence.

Your skin will look so amazing you’ll be the envy of all your friends.

only $130

Treatment Facials

Our tailored treatment facials are specifically designed to target and treat your skin concerns giving you real results.

We believe in smart skin care!  As you know no two skin types are alike. Normal, oily, dry, and sensitive, some people also have a combination of skin types in different areas AND your skin type does change over time as you mature.  All of our facials are specifically designed for each individual client, both men and women.

All treatment facials begin with a professional skin analysis to determine the best customised treatment for you. You’ll also get recommendations for a personal at-home skincare regimen to best look after your skin.

This advanced facial provides a deep treatment to maintain a firmer clearer and brighter complexion.

advanced micro renewal facial

(1 hr 15 mins)

Turn your skin around, speed up cell renewal and brighten your complexion with the ultimate in treatment and pampering experience. With all the inclusions of our Pure Radiance Facial and the potent effects of our prescriptive treatment masks to leave your skin feeling deeply hydrated and nourished, visibly smoother and more refined.

Service inclusions:

  • Comprehensive Skin Consultation
  • Double Cleanse and Steam Therapy
  • MicroDerm Vitamin C Exfoliation
  • AHA Enzyme Peel; and
  • Extractions if necessary
  • Face, Neck and Décolletage Massage
  • Age Vita-Renewal Mask; and
  • Eye Mask

For optimum results your personal prescriptive treatment mask is blended for you on the day (see below). While you relax to allow time for your mask to work we indulge your hands and arms or feet with a massage to complete the experience. Finished with:

  • Tailored Serums
  • Eye Care
  • SPF Sun Protection and Moisture Defence.

If you have a specific complexion issue or feel your skin ‘just needs something’ then this luxurious facial is perfect for you. You will see a difference in the appearance of your skin after your first treatment.

only $152

This AHA rejuvenation facial treatment will decongest the skin and stimulate the healing process to reveal a clearer complexion.

AHA rejuvenation facial

(30 minutes)

Most people experience some sort of complexion complaint ranging from general congestion, blackheads and blemishes to occasional breakouts, acne and sun damage.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid (AHA) works beneath the skin’s surface to produce a facial with much more advanced results. AHA assists in lightening skin discolouration caused by the sun and stimulates collagen production to smooth the surface of your complexion, making fine lines and wrinkles less visible.

This facial is also beneficial for acne suffers as it is designed to destroy the bacterium that causes acne, balance sebum/oil production, minimise the spread of acne and enhance your skins own regenerative capacity.

Service Inclusions:

  • Comprehensive Skin Consultation
  • Double Cleanse
  • MicroDerm Vitamin C Exfoliation
  • AHA Enzyme Peel
  • Extractions if required (extra time needed)

While you relax to allow time for your masks to work enjoy a neck and scalp massage. Finished with:

  • Tailored Serums
  • Eye care
  • SPF Sun Protection and Moisture Defence.

only $75

Delivering proven results, this anti-acne facial is a gentle yet effective treatment to destroy the bacterium that causes acne, without redness, irritation or peeling.

lactic enzyme peel

(30 minutes)

Combining 20% lactic acid with 13% AHA, this facial is ideal for resurfacing the top layers, improving skin hydration, skin tone and increasing cell turnover. Your skin will feel so soft and smooth you won’t believe its yours!

Our formula is gentle yet effective which means you do not need any ‘down time’ due to redness, irritation or peeling.

Service inclusions:

  • Comprehensive Skin Consultation
  • Double Cleanse
  • Exfoliation
  • Lactic Enzyme Treatment
  • Extractions if necessary (extra time required)
  • Soothing and healing Multivitamin Infusion; and
  • SPF Sun Protection and Moisture Defence.

only $85

our treatment masks

What is an AHA mask?

Alpha Hydrox Acids (AHA’s) are enzymes derived from the skin of certain fruits. AHA’s penetrate the upper layers of the skin, cleansing pores, improving skin texture and tone and delivering much needed hydration to the deeper layers.

Unlike other AHA masks that can irritate and redden the skin, our formula contains a soothing blend of Aloe Vera and Olive Leaf Extract to leave your skin smooth, calm and refreshed.

More Information

What is an Age Vita-Renewal Mask?

Blended just before it is applied to maximise potency, your Prescriptive Treatment Mask contains highly active ingredients to help specific complexion issues. This can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, crows feet and pigmentation, reduce the severity of acne and blackheads, repair sun damaged skin, refine pores, deliver hydration and improve elasticity, firmness and texture of your skin. Your Therapist will blend your personal mask after careful consultation with you.

Skin Conditions such as acne, age spots, large pores, pigmentation and freckles, rosacea, scars, sun damage, undereye circles and wrinkle.s

Skin Conditions

Good skin care practices can help to maintain firm, smooth, and healthy skin.

Eventually, though, time and sun exposure take a toll on your skin’s appearance. Facial skin problems and skin problems on other areas of the body can occur because of age, exposure to environmental elements, genetics and a host of other factors.

You can take control! Here is a list of some of the most common complaints and how you manage them.


What causes Acne?

Advice for preventing teenage pimples and acne, Sunshine Coast Qld

First it’s important to understand how skin functions.

During puberty teenagers produce increased amounts of the male hormones called androgens. It is under the influence of these androgens that the skin produces extra sebum (oil) that makes teenage skin prone to acne or problematic skin.

The role of sebum is to protect the skin keeping it supple, smooth and toned. It is the over production of sebum that leads to acne and problematic skin. Excess oil production also creates the ideal environment for the Bacteria, which lives on the skin, to flourish causing irritation, infection of the skin and clogged pores in turn leading to blind pimples, white heads and black heads.

Controlling your Acne

Do not touch your pimples! It will cause an increases in sebum production.

Blemish free skin is about balancing oil production and providing the nutrients the skin needs to keep it healthy and working properly. So how do we do this?

The first step is to avoid alcohol. I’m not referring to wine and beer here I’m talking about skin care products that contain alcohol. Alcohol strips the natural oils from the skin drying it out therefore the skin wants to produce (often over producing) more oil to stop the skin from drying out. How do you tell if a product contains alcohol? Look at the ingredient list if there is any ingredient in the list ending with ‘ol’ this is an alcohol base ingredient. Alcohol is hidden everywhere so check all the products that you use on your skin and hair and if any of them contain alcohol replace them.

Routine. Creating a basic skin care routine is essential. Any skin care routine is best done morning and night to achieve the optimum results. A basic routine consists of Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliating and Moisturising. Cleanse to remove make up‚ dirt‚ grime and excess oil. Tone to hydrate and firm the skin. Exfoliating gently buffs away dead skin cells keeping pores open and unclogged. Moisturise for hydration, repair and rejuvenation.

Keeping skin clean also extends to hair. The scalp produces its own oil that accumulates on the hair. Combine this with the oil that is in mouses, gels and hair sprays and you’ve got problems. All this oil rubs off onto your face compounding complexion issues and contributing to your breakouts. Washing your hair every 2 or 3 days will help keep oil production under control.

Teen pimple control, Caloundra, Mooloolaba, Currimundi, Kings Beach, Kawana, Pelican Waters, Wurtulla, Buderim, Alexander Headland and MaroochydoreChange your pillow case regularly. The oil from your hair and face is absorbed by your pillow case when you sleep. Each night you lay your head down some of this oil is rubbing off back onto your skin.

DO NOT pick or squeeze your blackheads and pimples. As tempting as it may be, do not squeeze, scratch, rub or touch your pimples and blackheads. Doing any of these actions, actually increases the sebum production. Plus, when you squeeze‚ you are actually rupturing the membranes below your skin‚ causing infection and sebum to spread underneath your skin. The result is more pimples.

Be wary about Antibiotics for Acne

The antibiotics prescribed for acne are designed to kill off the bacteria that live on the skin. The bacteria is not the cause of acne in itself, it is the bacteria flourishing in the oily conditions that causes acne. It is possible that antibiotics may slow down acne but acne often returns when the antibiotics run out.

Consider a Treatment Facial

Facials are not just for pampering. A Treatment Facial is exactly that a treatment for the skin. Treatment Facials are tailor made to combat each persons specific complexion issue and deliver results. The arsenal of clays‚ gels‚ peels‚ masques‚ serums and creams that a Beauty Therapist has access to are much stronger than what is available in supermarkets and pharmacies and thus help address the underlying cause of acne.

Visiting a highly trained Beauty Therapist will get you on the right track for what your particular skin type requires.

On the first visit to a Beauty Therapist they complete a comprehensive skin diagnosis which will outline what type of skin you have (dry, oily, combination)‚ how it is functioning and why you are experiencing problematic skin. A Beauty Therapist will also make recommendations on what you can do to improve and correct your skin condition.

Pigmentation and Freckles

Controlling Melanin Production

Reduce the appearance of pigmentation and freckles in Buderim

Melanin production produces that sun-kissed brown look from tanning, whilst concentrated spots of melanin will show as pigmentation and/or freckles.

Exposure to sunlight without sunscreen stimulates melanin production. Melanin is a hormone the body produces in response to sunlight exposure to protect us from burning.

Sunscreen creates a barrier between sunlight and the melanin producing cells. So it is important to wear sunscreen under make up or buy a foundation or moisturiser that contains an spf of 30+ or above. Even if you are indoors most of the day it is still important to wear sunscreen as the over head lights also stimulate melanin production.


Reducing the appearance of ScarsAdvice on reducing the appearance of scarring - A Perfect Blend

Including acne, scars are often areas where the skin was once removed and new skin did not regenerate. Thus, it is very difficult to cover or get rid of scarring completely, considering that the regrowth of skin over an old scar is pretty much impossible.

However, there are organic skin care products on the market that can help alleviate scars and reduce their appearance by creating a healthier skin all over the face, and especially the scar. The scar itself may not go away, but the visibility factor will diminish tremendously because the skin of the scar is now more supple and pliable. Scars do not have to rule anyone’s life. They are treatable, and the sooner treatment starts the better the results will be.

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