Natural Konjac Mask


These Konjac Masks are 100% natural vegetable, made from konjac roots found in Asia. Konjac is known for its hydrating properties and when combined with aloe vera, turmeric, charcoal, green tea or rose, further results can be achieved.

Aloe Vera – Hydrates, Softens and Brightens the skin

Charcoal – Reduces excess oil, fights acne and blackheads

Green Tea – Reduces redness, fine lines and hydrates the skin

Turmeric – Reduces dark circles, pigmentation and brightens dull skin

Rose – Full of antioxidants to regenerate and heal the skin


*Biodegradable and eco-friendly

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Konjac Mask

Rose, Bamboo Charcoal, Aloe, Turmeric, Green Tea

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