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Lectric Soda Crystals to help reduce swelling

By 31/08/2013May 4th, 20162 Comments

Helps reduce swelling and temporary relief of aching muscles and joints. Applying Bexters Lectric Soda Crystals for injuries and swelling, Mooloolaba and Caloundra, Sunshine Coast Qld

After an injury, a joint and the surrounding soft tissues may become swollen and congested with fluid as they heal. While this is a normal part of the healing process the extra fluid can tighten the skin over the area, causing discomfort, and limit the mobility of the affected joint.

Lectric Soda Crystals are recommended by many Massage therapists, Bowen Therapists and Physiotherapists to help reduce swelling and also for the temporary relief of aching muscles and joints. Ideally for use after sports, gardening or any strenuous exercise.

Apply as a pack directly over a swollen or injured joint or the crystals can be added to a bath to ease more generalised aches and pains, such as:

Lectric Soda Crystals can help reduce swelling in joints, product available to buy instore or purchase online

  • swollen, painful joints
  • arthritis in knees, wrists, ankles etc.
  • back pain, sore muscles
  • shoulder injuries
  • calcium build up on joints – bone spurs and bunions.

What is Lectric Soda Crystals?

Lectric Soda Crystals are a blend of Sodium Carbonate, derived from natural limestone (calcium carbonate) in the Barossa Valley, combined with natural sodium chloride from South Australia, which are then heat processed into a special formulation.

How do I use Lectric Soda Crystals?

Bathing or Soaking

Dissolve 1 cup of Lectric Soda Crystals into a warm bath ( ½ cup for sensitive skin) and soak for ½ an hour. For swollen and aching feet, add ½ cup to a warm foot bath and soak for up to ½ an hour. Take care when stepping in and out of the bath as it may be slippery.

Lectric Soda Crystals are environmentally friendly with no phosphates or dyes, so your bath water may be used on the lawn.

Poultice or Pack

Place dry crystals 1cm thick in a clean Chux Wipe. Place on affected area and wrap cling wrap around the Chux to secure and stop leakage. Leave on for a minimum of 3-4 hours – preferably overnight.

Use only on alternate days and test a small trial patch on your skin for sensitivity before using on a regular basis.

Interested in purchasing?

Bexters Lectric Soda Crystals are $9.95* for 800g.

Available to buy instore at either of our Caloundra or Mooloolaba locations. Or purchase from our online store below.

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*Prices may change without notice.


  • Erin says:

    Hi, I have used lectric soda crystals once – I’m wondering if you reuse them over and over or only the once?
    I have had very large fluid build up on my knees for nearly a year, and getting worse – using the soda crystals definitely drew some fluid out, although it tends to fill up again quite quickly, but I will hopefully be able to reduce the fluid on a long term basis.

    • Lisa McDonald says:

      Hi Erin,
      YES, you can reuse whatever soda crystals are left. Reuse them over again until there are no crystals left.
      If you haven’t done so already you may like to try leaving the crystals on overnight while you sleep. For severe cases I have often recommended this. Just put a towel down though, to collect the fluid that comes out etc.
      Kind regards, Lisa