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Planning a stress free Christmas

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Planning ahead at Christmas can save you time, money and stress.Christmas planning list to help manage your vacation holidays

Christmas is a time to relax, be with family and friends, reflect on the year past and to focus on the year ahead. But with all the hustle and bustle of Christmas itself it is easy to feel stressed and overwhelmed.

Here are a few ideas to help you have a stress free Christmas.

Have a plan

Planning ahead with a list this Christmas can save you time, money and stressWrite down what needs to be done. Planning ahead can save time and money. By making a list you may realise a few jobs can be done in one location or be able to plan a route so your not doubling back and wasting expensive petrol. If you think how am I going to get all this done recruit someone to help you.

Say NO.

How much of what you do is because you feel you have too? Every time you do something you feel obligated to do a little stress builds. This means less time for the things you really want to do. And who has time for that! Be honest with yourself, assess your schedule and if you have enough on already then say no to anything else. It’s not rude. Be polite and open with your reason for declining and if you want to suggest an alternative. Who knows‚ you may find a suitable compromise may present itself.

Take a little ‘me time’

Stress has a way of accumulating. By taking a little time out for yourself helps you to clear your mind and refocus your thoughts. Go for a walk‚ have a bubble bath‚ meditate‚ get a massage or ring up a friend and go out for coffee – a good yarn is a great stress reliever.

Above all remember Christmas is about being gathered together and appreciating those you love most.

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