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Combining Chiropractic and Massage?

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Whether pain is the result of traumatic injury, overuse or good old stress.

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Chiropractic and Massage combined can form a powerful healing approach to greatly speed up your return to pain-free health.

Soft tissue problems and referred pain

As your chiropractor uses manipulations to restore joints to their normal positions, these joint misalignments (called subluxations) are often accompanied by soft tissue inflammation.

If not addressed, these soft tissues (muscles, tendons, ligaments and connective tissue) may continue to cause pain. Both locally and to other areas of the body even after the joint has been corrected.

Addressing this soft tissue is an important complement to chiropractic care. Joints are troublesome enough on their own, however because muscles move joints, these soft tissues can spread pain and tingling beyond the immediate area by tight connective tissues and inflamed muscles.

On top of this referred pain, tight muscles can prevent the joint from fully recovering. This tightness may even result in your joint being pulled out of alignment yet again. Not good after all that effort.

Using both massage and chiropractic to maintain good health

A timely visit to your chiropractor can establish and maintain normal alignment and mobility before soft tissue problems can develop. Regular massage can release chronically contracted muscles, improving balance and promoting healthy blood circulation. Making you more resilient to daily stresses and less prone to injury and subluxation.

Feeling relaxed and rejuvenated after a massage, you are less likely to slip into patterns of tension that contribute to soft tissue problems which lead to joint misalignment.

Massage supports Chiropractic

  • Massage helps for a faster and more complete recovery
  • Chiropractic treatments often proceed more easily with less discomfort when the soft tissues are relaxed
  • Adjustment frequently last longer when muscle tension is released.

And Chiropractic supports Massage

If you find your pain is persisting or recurs even after your massage.

  • You may have a subluxation, in which case a joint adjustment could give you immediate relief.
  • Soft tissues heal quicker when not subjected to the stress of misaligned joints
  • Your chiropractor can use x-rays to evaluate other possible causes for your pain and make appropriate referrals if necessary.

Which should you do first?

Chiropractors and Massage therapists often agree that your adjustment and massage should be scheduled as closely together as possible. Consult your chiropractor to determine his or her preferred order. Whatever the order, the two therapies will build on each other over time to resolve problems and support your good health.

Remedial Massage!

helping chiropractic adjustments to restore joints to their normal positionsBack pain, neck pain and headaches are just a few of the conditions that soft tissue inflammation can cause. So if you would like to know more about our Remedial Massage services and how they can help you, follow the link.

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